Photography and Retouching Classes

I’ve been asked about this many times. I’ve always been reluctant since I am not college trained in this and do not feel I am done learning myself. But who ever really has finished learning everything there is on a topic?

I have been shooting for decades, for hire and am a full time professional photographer who has been published many times including my share of major international  newsstand publications including two covers. I’ve had work in Playboy, Spin, Alternative Press, Street Chopper, The Horse and many other titles now inactive. In just under two years time, since returning to Pennsylvania from the Washington DC area I have completed over 750 paid sessions. While the focus has been model photography I have done nearly every imaginable type of photography. I’ve learned a thing or two along the way.img025My personal favored style of model lighting was featured in the best selling book Shoot Sexy by Ryan Armbrust and I am incredibly grateful that the work I do is well regarded by some of the best photographers I know. I also have a respectable body of work in Schiffer Publishing’s Chocolate Cheesecake 2.boudoir-louisville-shoot-sexy-2

It’s time to share the knowledge I’ve been collecting. I am now offering one on one classes covering several topics and in the near future will be teaming with Kent Miller of Kent Miller Studios NYC to host group workshops at Devilbliss Studios. Not all classes are available to interested parties within 2 hours distance from my own studio location.

Topics one on one classes will include:

  • Photography Basics
  • Understanding your Camera
  • Basic Lighting
  • Advanced Lighting
  • Image Processing and Retouching
  • The Art of Self-Promotion
  • Running a Commercial Studio

Classes will be conducted at Devilbliss Studios, 104 North Centre St., 2nd Floor, Pottsville PA

One on One pricing will range from $100 per hour for the Photography Basics, Camera and Art of Self Promotion classes, $150 per hour for Advanced Lighting and Retouching sessions and $200 per hour for Running a Commercial Studio. The Commercial Studio and Advanced Lighting classes also come with additional restrictions. E-mail me for details on that. Prices subject to change. Class fees include studio rental costs.

Want to learn with an experienced model? Say the word, I have several highly regarded professionals I can enlist that will virtually guarantee you will leave with dozens of images that will kick-start or bolster any portfolio. Model fee and any relevant styling costs are additional.MIKA_

Ready to start? Email me to discuss an appointment and session tailored to you.