About Victor/Michael

I’m going to write in the first person.
Here’s a bullet list of things I’ve accomplished and may be known for.

  • Created and fronted the music act Advent Sleep (you can find recordings on i-tunes still) which enjoyed several tracks having been released through Cleopatra records on collections that have gone on to sell in excess of 2 million copies.
  • As a photographer my work has been published and utilized in every conceivable manner. My artistic pinup portraiture is well regarded and easily recognized within the community and is often honored by praise from my contemporaries in this field.
  • Created the graphic novel The Victorian Horror of Old Mauch Chunk. This comic garnered excellent reviews and respectable international sales which was impressive given it was the first such endeavor I ever undertook.
  • Created Retro Lovely magazine. This publication caused quite a stir in the pinup community with its near art-book like size, materials and production values. It has gone on to become one of the best known, if not the best known publication of its kind. With the title came many innovations that have gone on to be copied by an ocean of newer magazines. Back issues of Retro Lovely routinely command resale prices on E-Bay at multiple times the cover price, more than any other such title.
  • Created Kat Club and Venus Cult magazines which have gone on to become as well known as any other current print on demand (POD) publications.
  • Transitioned my studio to Pottsville PA which in a few short months has grown to a 4000 sq ft wonderland with clients traveling from as far away as Tennessee to shoot here. My last studio held the record with visitors from Texas. Barely 7 months on our shoot volume is about to surpass all we did in 2015. Visitors consistently tout it as one of the most amazing photographic spaces they’ve encountered.


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