Jerry’s Classic Cars & Collectibles Museum Shoot

Just a few blocks from the studio is a really cool little museum. After Yuengling it is the area’s 2nd most visited tourist destination. Devilbliss studios would probably be 3rd if we wanted to talk about how far people travel to work with us.

Check the site out:

I have recently gotten permission to do some shooting here.

There are important details though. It is a working museum. They aren’t closing it down just for us. These sessions would be where MUAH styling was performed at the studio and then clients would walk or drive down to the museum for photos. As it is also open to the public we would have to work around them. No lingerie or provocative clothing would be allowed. We are subject to all the same rules as visitors to the museum, this means we don’t move things, don’t touch things, don’t get in or on the cars.  Still this can be a very cool session. These rules are not unlike the sessions we’ve done at Bill’s Old Bike Barn. There too we don’t disturb their normal operations. As the museum is only open for 5 hours on weekends, it means we only have the opportunity to do 4 sessions. ONLY 4 SPOTS! There is also no air conditioning and generally poor ventilation on the 2nd floor so this needs to be a fall session. This would also have to be a one look session as the logistics of running back to the studio to do a wardrobe change would talk a lot of time to do.

Here’s the details:





Shoot fee includes YOUR admission cost for the museum. If anyone comes along with you they will have to pay the admission price.

ONLY 4 SPOTS!!!! We can only be in there form Noon until 5:00.

Ready to book?  Hit the deposit form here:

Here’s some more photos: