It’s that time! For two years now I have offered calendars with early bird discounts. The studio can get overwhelmed late in the year with work for these and as you approach a deadline to have them put together it can be tricky. Offering packages earlier in the year helps with this and to help people think ahead I offer significantly discounted packages to give them incentive to plan.

Over the years I have produced dozens of calendars for clients ranging from every day gals looking to put something together as a gift for their significant others to performers who want a great promotional item to sell to fans. There’s also the car clubs and social groups who have used them for fundraising for charitable causes. Whatever the situation I have the most options you will find anywhere. And I am holding over the pricing that was put in place last year. OK that’s not completely true. I am actually sweetening the deals for those who book and shoot before July 21st.

So what are the deals? Here’s the price list from 2017:

Let’s first talk about Layout Only on the right column. What is that? Well say you’ve shot with me several times or even one time and you have 12 photos you love to death and want as a calendar. This $125 is my doing the layout and design to create the PDF file that will become your 2019 calendar. Once I have it finalized and you approve it you can then purchase one or as many copies as you like from an online printer for $15 per copy (The $125 is for my time only).  BUT IF YOU ACT BY MAY 31st you can get this special for only $100 or for the $125 get 10 of my exclusive crystal magnets of the cover included!  You can’t buy these anywhere else! See more samples and learn more about this exciting new item by clicking the graphic below. Group Shoot Pricing is per person.

Now the next special to talk about is the Pinup For A Year calendar. This is where we take the Pinup For A Day shoot and expand it to become a custom calendar just for you. The best way to put it into perspective is this, A pinup for a day shoot is regularly priced at $275 and includes makeup and hair styling, all the photos and a one look theme using one of my classic colored paper backdrops.  Edits are not included. Custom edits themselves cost $20 each or 6 for $100. So based on regular pricing what would it cost to do a shoot, then decide to get 12 edits then decide to get a calendar layout put together?  You’re talking $275 for the session, $200 in editing and $125 in layout and design. That’s $600 total. So you can see these items turned into a calendar for $399 is quite a savings.  But wait there’s more. I am going to hold the $399 special pricing through July 31st! One full extra month to save $200. But wait there’s even more!!!  Make your  50% deposit by May 31st and schedule your session for any time by July 31st and you also get 10 crystal magnets of your cover! That’s another $25 savings!

Can you shoot by the end of May? If so the $399 session can be had for only $350!

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Pinup for a year calendar format is full page vertical with mini dates as shown below. Up to 4 different paper colors may be used with 4 wardrobe changes and basic hand props. Makeup and Hair styling is one application.