$199 Choose your Shoot Special

The best deal of the year! The lowest price you will see from Devilbliss Studios AND some terrific options that make this an exciting session for those who’ve wanted to do a session as well as those who’ve wanted to do another session.

$199 is the least expensive you’ll see a shoot that includes full makeup and hair styling! Normally the least expensive session I offer with styling included starts at $275 and is soon being raised to $299, but I didn’t want to make a big deal about that.

Choose from 4 different sets!
Classic Cheesecake, Natural Light Boudoir, Mid-Century Parlor or Bettie Page.
Choose a deluxe package and shoot in several sets!


April 14th and 15th Choose your shoot from $199 with full makeup and hair styling by Claire Marie of Neon Lady Artistry. All samples here feature work of hers except the Bettie Page Theme. $199 is for one look/set additional sets can be added for an additional fee.


Classic Cheesecake. A perfect first session for the person who has never done a shoot before. We have hundreds of examples of this sort of session with women of all ages and body types. This is by far our most popular shoot.

Natural Light Boudoir. Soft, Elegant, Lovely. Our studio boasts a natural light suite few others can even offer. You will be bathed in glorious natural sunlight for images that will surely cause those you share them with to gush over.

Mid-Century Parlor. This set is a classic. Imagine the living rooms of half a century ago. Choose wardrobe and lounge around our classic furnishings for a provocative look exemplified by the signature Devilbliss Lighting.

There are few people who would not know the name of the legendary Bettie Page. We can help you reproduce iconic images just as Betty did in that bygone age where images like this were not only scandalous, but the subject of congressional hearings on decency. Oh how times have changed. We shoot this session as they did back then using the same type of constant lighting to achieve the exact same look and feel.

Ready to book your session? Click the button now! Spots are limited. Pricing this low generally results in these sessions selling out. DO NOT WAIT.