People can’t get enough of them. We can’t either. We’re very excited to announce we have confirmed our next great Hot Rod Session. This time we take it on the road and travel to Middletown Delaware where we will be hosted by One Off Rod & Custom. Below are some samples of their shop, as you can see it’s no  small operation. While the specific cars shown may not be what is on hand during the shoot, we know we’ll have plenty of great rides to use as the perfect backdrop for your session. Below the shop are some samples of prior Hot Rod work by Devilbliss Studios.

The session is on the deposit form now. Click here to book your spot. When you do, indicate in the comments if you want your session to be Style and Shoot (where you pay less and order edits later) or All Inclusive where you get an edit package at a discount.  Repeat clients get a $25 discount on all sessions over $250 which would not apply for Style and Shoot but would for All Inclusive. We can also no longer transfer full deposits from any location settings to other shoots due to cancellations. The spots are limited and we can not make up for them at the last minute.

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Samples from prior Devilbliss Hot Rod Sessions:

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