Sled Fest 2017

This will be my 6th time shooting at Old Sled Works and the 2nd time the shoot will take place during Sled Fest. With that it’s a great way for those attending and taking part in the pinup contest to get their styling done and shoot prior to the contest, if you book and schedule early of course.

No other photographer has shot at Old Sled Works as many times or as many people (by a large large margin) as I have. In fact I was the first to convince the owner to permit it at all and subsequently encouraged him to make it available on an ongoing basis. The entire introduction to the pinup community in part helped launch Sled Fest itself. Over the years since though the work in planning and liability involved with photoshoots (hundreds of dollars in damages later) and the owner has decided to no longer permit many to use the site for photography purposes. I am grateful my track record of treating the place like it was my own has meant I am still invited to do so.

This session will sell out, especially now since we’ve instituted our “Choose your package” pricing which means more people than ever before can afford to shoot there with us. DO NOT DELAY if it’s something you’ve wanted to do. It’s a great event to attend, a fantastic contest to take part in and a wonderful bit of nostalgia to use asa a backdrop for some amazing images.  It’s on the deposit form right now. When you book, make sure to note if you want the Style and Shoot or All Inclusive session!

Session is April 29, 2017

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