Fall Cemetery Sessions – Jim Thorpe PA

It’s that time of year. Autumn. Nature prepares to sleep in the Northern Hemisphere. Several cultural traditions evoke certain thoughts and memories. Halloween. Ghosts. Goblins. The macabre.

While we have several themed sessions ideal for this time of year I have decided to offer another session which is a departure from the norm. I am offering private sessions to take place in a marvelous cemetery in Jim Thorpe PA. A few short years ago my good friend Claire Marie asked to do just such a session and the location was agreed upon for the picturesque landscaping.  Take a look at the samples and I think you’ll agree it’s truly wonderful. Now the photos you see here are a logistical disaster for most full time professional studios. Why? The most magical light for such a session is dusk. Not very flexible for multiple clients is it? Quite frankly they need to be one-offs since the perfect time to capture this lighting is a narrow window. Only enough time for one or two sessions per day. You’re also at the mercy of the weather with this very shoot being a day that was raining… the skies were overcast upon arrival and it was just by sheer luck that the clouds parted displaying the palette of colors shown here. Then there is staging. Where do you change into your wardrobe? Where do you do makeup and hair?  Fortunately for me, a very dear friend of mine lives just a few blocks from this location. Walking distance. SO…. in spite of all these obstacles I am still going to offer sessions here the week of October 24th through the 28th. Pricing will be tiered based on several factors. For example. on the 24th, 26th, 27th and 28th I can offer a session here for $275 for the photography, 6 edits, and a place to change and stage during the twilight hour (lighting as in these examples) If you were good with the hour before this then the session would be $225. It is important to note the sessions at these prices DO NOT include makeup and hair styling… you’d have to do that yourself or possibly have someone else assist you prior to arrival. Or bring someone yourself. If a place to change isn’t needed deduct another $25.

For the date of October 25th Makeup and Hair Styling will be available by Claire Marie herself. The cost of the Twilight Hour session with full Makeup and Hair would be $400 but also would include 10 edits total ($150 value). Take the hour before this and the total is $350 with 8 edits

All prices before 6% PA Sales Tax.

Notes: Should the weather be un-cooperative a repost refund will be provided. Determination of cancelling due to weather will be made before all parties begin to travel to the location. I will also not take art in any imagery involving specific burial sites. I insist on treating graves with respect and will not photograph people on tombstones or monuments. Anywhere around them as a visitor would be positioned to visit, yes. On them, no. Similarly attire for the session must be considerate of the public who  may also be visiting. 

When your session finishes there’s several great places in Jim Thorpe to drink or dine afterwards. If you’ve never been there you simply MUST get there regardless.

Questions? e-mail me directly at michaelbann@me.com

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