The Horse. October 2016 Cover by Devilbliss / Michael Bann

So out of the blue I get an email from a friend. The subject stating “Another Cover” I could see there was an attachment before I even got it open.  As soon as it came into view I recognized the bike and the photo. It was the custom chopper of my buddy Jeff Carr.  The model was this great gal Victoria and the photos from a shoot we did a few years ago on one of the HOTTEST August days I’ve ever known. It was seriously hot.  As the subject of the email mentioned this was another of this bike as we had another shoot, with another model that was featured in and on Street Chopper Magazine.

This new one also includes something on the order of 9 pages of images.

2016 will now round out with 5-6 covers featuring my work. A few months ago an image I shot of Miss V Pinup was featured on a Bettie Page tribute of Delicious Dolls, October will have this Iron Horse along with an issue of Femme Rebelle with a shot of Ebony Inferno, I also confirmed Jenny Jane will be showcased on an Alt issue of Perfectly Pinup and next week we actually host and shoot 3 ladies especially for a holiday issue of another zine. Another is floating in there somewhere as a maybe. I really need to post more on the other issues so far.  This one is crown jewel however as it is a traditional newsstand publication, this meaning tens of thousands of issues will be printed and shipped to newsstands in the US and Canada (I”m trying to find specific circulation numbers and whether or not they have them in additional international markets). For friends and family in the Mid-Atlantic you may even see this on the rack in Sheetz or Rutters markets (among other resellers).  So how about some photos from the shoot and issue?  I don’t have a copy yet, Jeff sent me the sample shots.

img025img_0923img_0920 img_0921 img_0922 img_0924

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