It’s that time of year!  Finally! HALLOWEEN approaches! I nearly feel it should be a month long celebration. By the looks of it though it really seems like it’s getting there. For me there’s something magical about this season. On the way to the studio today I was traveling a scenic stretch of road and swirling group of yellow leaves were raining down. There’s an explosion of pumpkin spice everything, everywhere and decorations are popping up all over in stores. I just dragged in some hay and cornstalks myself for our popular Halloween Shadow Sessions.  For 2017 Devilbliss Studios has tons of terrific sessions available for just about any tastes.

Ready? Here’s some of what we have available:

Saturday and Sunday October 1 & 2 we present our annual Halloween Shadow Sessions. The third year we’ve offered these and one of our most popular sessions.halloween2016a-2 bann0045e

Paranormal Suite, October 9th One Day Only

We are returning again to that building where we did our Melancholy Suite sessions earlier this year. Hugely popular with several clients asking us for sessions beyond the weekend we did the shoot this may be the last time we have access to this building in this state. It is being renovated and will not have the “distressed majesty” it currently does. While we are offering the Melancholy Suite just as we did before, we also know this setting is perfect for spooky images and thus are presenting the “Paranormal” option. With this you can choose wardrobe appropriate for a haunting and if you like we can do an “apparition edit” where you appear extra ghostly.para bann0442e

Cinema Strange October 15th and 16th

This set gets a lot of notice and it’s terrific for more than one person (additional costs for more than one subject) Shoot on our vintage deco theater seats and have a spooky scene from a movie or something personal superimposed behind you. Popcorn will fly!cinema-strange-flyer

Creepy Marionette  October 15th and 16th

Imagine yourself as a life-sized marionette in one of the studios on our 3rd floor. This setting is unlike any you’ll find elsewhere. You often see people depicted as marionettes but rarely with the puppeteers paddle in the shot with them. The 12 foot ceilings in our studio give us all the room we need to produce images unlike any others. We’re actually offering this on the same days as Cinema Strange. We have the space, we have the gear, we can have both available at the same time, which also means you can shoot both on the same day if you like. Package them together at $375 and you’ll have two sessions for what most studios charge for one concept shoot!
bann0883eBANN0949epromo BANN0788e

Sugar Skull, Weekdays in September and October

Be transformed as you never have been before! Nicole of Making Faces Professional will work magic on you for one of a kind photos that will surely stand out from anything else you’ve ever done. You’ll need to block off some time though, these sessions will take an additional hour or more than our normal shoots, you’ll be in her chair that much longer!  When she’s done you won’t just get headshots you will then shoot with various backdrops for some portraits as well as full body photos.bann0097e sugarskull

Flying Witch Weekdays in September and October

It’s a classic, and you can do this session any weekday in September and October. More than just flying your broom we also take other images so you get far more from the session than just one thing.
bann0352inset bann1217e bann0888emoon bann0234e

Steampunk Junction October 22

We are returning to the spot where we did our Petticoat Junction shoots last year. But we happened to notice some of this setting could be ideal for a Steampunk inspired shoot. Steampunk and Halloween are not the same thing, but they are cousins in many ways. So this setting may also be attractive for those of us who love the season.bann4035e2cop

Want to do something totally unique?

Ask us, we can put together a custom Halloween session just for you. Maybe you want to be a two headed lady. Or do something creative with shadows:freak-show2 bann05642


Are you a fan of gore? Slasher films? Bloodbaths? Well, while we don’t have samples of this specifically, Imagine yourself in our Klink in an outfit of your choice splattered in blood! This setting with it’s paneled walls, distressed look and exam table are right out of a horror film. All we need to add is you! bann0279e-1 bann1223ebann0357ecrop

So what’s your flavor? Cute, Cheesy, Spooky? Scary, Sassy, Slashy? Whatever it is, we are ready for it!

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