Mimzy’s First Shoot – A must read for those on the fence about doing a session.

BANN1092Yesterday we worked with a terrific lady who did her first shoot with us. She traveled a few hours from New Jersey and did her first boudoir session with us. Her first ever. I nearly got into trouble when we were just about to start and I learned she was a music teacher. I mean here she is, all ready to go, sitting in the studio in her underpants and we got talking about music. Anyway. Rather than detail all the things we learned during the session. I will let her speak for herself. This morning she did our survey (that’s on the victordevilbliss.com website by the way) and Nicole and I were pretty floored by her story and comments. We appreciate her compliments on what we do and how we do it. BUT the bigger thing is what she has to say about her journey. The self doubts we all have that keep us from doing things that would empower us. It’s a long read, but a great one – the photos below are unedited. I love the smile. There was a lot of laughter (as usual).


Before this shoot, I had been wanting to do a photo shoot of some kind for YEARS. It didn’t even seem to be a consideration, though, because of the usual excuses: “when I lose the weight” or “when I have the money” or “when I find a photographer I like enough or trust” or “well maybe someday, but today isn’t that day”. I also had reservations about not having my pictures come out as well as others did – “they’re so pretty and I don’t think I am” or “I don’t think I can do it” or “it will not be worth it in the end, I’ll be disappointed”.

I finally stumbled across Devilbliss in my internet travels through some pin-up or burlesque cross-post. Every picture was stunning, beautiful, and well-executed, and that first little tickle of “maybe this, maybe soon” blossomed from all the excuses. Every girl – professional model, first-timer, or somewhere in between – had beautiful pictures and was so proud to show them. I was consistently both amazed and bewildered: how could this be? All of these women with all of these beautiful, elegant, sexy shots, there must be some sort of magic going on.

Well, I finally found my excuse. Not to keep putting it off, but to make it happen. I was going to do a boudoir shoot for my fiance…. and for me.

I spent the few days before panicking about what to wear, what to bring, would it be okay, should I bring more, but when I arrived everything seemed to fall into place. The “magic” of seeing all the backdrops, pictures of past clients, props, set-ups, and wardrobe put me right at ease and (almost) all of my nerves melted away.

Nicole was amazing with MUAH. I’m not usually comfortable letting other people do my hair and makeup, since I’ve been disappointed in the past, but I gave her an idea of the look I’d considered and she got right to work. She was also amazing with recommending hair and make-up tips to embellish what knowledge I had. Hot rollers and alligator clips are on the top of my to-buy list now! It was amazing to see the transformation from average human to bombshell. The only disappointing part was having to take off her beautiful make-up job at night.

Working with Michael and Nicole during the shoot itself was so great. They were both amazingly supportive and make an incredible team, operating seamlessly to find the best shot and angle for every pose. There’s something to be said for hearing it from others and then actually SEEING it work. Their constant guidance and support made me feel like I was really “doing it”, which as a first-timer (especially in a boudoir situation) was really important. I knew that if I wasn’t comfortable that the pictures wouldn’t come out well, so I took all of the comments, critiques, and compliments to heart to really get the most out of the shoot.

At a few different points in the shoot, Michael stopped and showed me the shots that had just been taken. It took all of my self-control to not squeal in excitement and jump up and down on the spot. That didn’t look like me! Did it? That’s too pretty to be me!

When I finally got home, I took a few minutes (which ended up being an hour) to look through all the shots. Some were instant favorites and I squirmed for a while, since I couldn’t show them to my fiance. He eventually agreed to take a peek at one, and I picked one that I liked but didn’t particularly love. His words: “This is how I see you when I look at you. You see all your imperfections. The rest of the world sees this gorgeous girl.”

And that idea of the ‘magic’ popped back into my head. That’s what the magic is – being able to see the most beautiful side of yourself. Taking away the little imperfections and stepping back to look at the bigger picture. Having the support and expertise of two professionals who REALLY know what they’re doing and are so passionate about making everyone have a good experience. Being able to feel like a goddess, regardless of the reservations and self-doubt.

It’s been said before, but I’ll say it again: EVERY. SINGLE. GIRL. Yes, even you. I know you don’t think it will be good for whatever reason. Just do it. Wear what makes you happy. Be in your own skin and love it. You deserve to see yourself as the rest of the world sees you, as a beautiful elegant woman. And, for the love of all that is good, do it with this duo. Trust them to show you that most beautiful side of yourself. Michael and Nicole will give you a truly memorable and uplifting experience.

Thanks so much for making my first photoshoot experience so great. Words cannot express my gratitude and happiness.