Spend your birthday with us!

Over the past 3 months we’ve had 3 great ladies spend their birthday with us.  And it wasn’t just coincidence. Well I know 2 specifically chose their shoot date to take place on their day.

Last night Georgia Storm was here and it was her birthday! She came to shoot our Arabian Nights tent and was greeted with a birthday cake from Momma Millie’s bakery just up the street. Afterwards she was treated to dinner and drinks at a nearby pub and was joined by photographer Ryan Armbrust of Boudoir Louisville, Nicole of Making Faces Pro and myself and we were later joined by Sheri Baby of Fredericksburg VA and her guy who were in town for Pinup Prom 2016. Interesting fact, of our party of 6 we all hailed from 3 of the 4 commonwealths in the US. We only needed Massachusetts represented to complete the set.


A few weeks back Miss V with her hubby on her birthday and she also got a cake of her own though I am SUPER BUMMED we did not get a photo of that 🙁

Back in April Ginger DoGood came on her birthday and while that time I didn’t get a full on mini-cake for her I did have a sampler box of  Mamma Mille’s cupcakes and cookies. She got a custom label on hers though with her name color matched to her hair. After her session we also grabbed something to eat.13000458_10207796999496551_1777121502_o

SO, come, spend your birthday with us, we’ll make some cheesecake and send you home with cake!