When we first began work on Retro Lovely Issue No.1, an image came to our attention of Caroline Jones shot by Kevin of Digital Articulation. It was treated like a magazine cover and really captured the spirit of those classic pulp magazines of yesteryear. Caroline was shown in a bathroom that would have been modern 60 years ago. She was wearing lingerie appropriate for that time and was styled just as would be expected in such a scene. What changed things though, was that she was posed in such a way that her hands, specifically her wrists were drawn together and bound by the cord of a vintage electric razor. The look on her face also suggested she may be in peril of some sorts. These two things perfectly supported the magazine’s name Naughty, and above it were the words “The Taboo Edition.”

We loved this image and set out to see if model and artist would consider allowing us to include it in an unknown, untested new publication, Retro Lovely. Not only were they agreeable to this idea, but Kevin was so gracious as to suggest a reworking of his original art, changing the magazine title from Naughty to Retro Lovely. We feel this collaboration had an auspicious impact. During the process of creating the first issue, we saw a number of other photos from Kevin and Caroline’s work together. One, very similar to the Naughty image, had Caroline facing the mirror with a bit more of her posterior clearly in view. Since we had set out to try and maintain a certain level of “coverage of the wardrobe variety” with our publication, we felt this other image was perhaps a bit too “cheeky” for our publishing debut. When the first issue finally came out, we became deluged with artists and models submitting work for consideration, a lot of which featured a bit more skin than fit our original plans. We reviewed some really great work, some fantastic images we’d definitely include in an issue based on their quality, but that were just a bit too risqué, and some that were more than a bit risqué. And then we started getting the inquiries... “Will there be a Taboo Edition?” Again and again we were asked this. Some inquiries were fielded in such a way as to give us the sense that there was more that wasn’t being said, as in, “Will there be a Taboo Edition?... Oh, please tell me there will be!” There were also those who simply said, “Let me know when I can buy one.” As you are holding Retro Lovely Taboo Edition right now, you can see it’s become more than just an idea.