Sat. Dec 4th, 2021


There has never been a publication quite like Retro Lovely. It is easily one of the most recognized brands in pinup and we’re doing everything we can to cement that for all time, that might sound braggy, but it is true.

We recently began offering some custom branded swag and the response has been amazing. It’s prompted us to expand and commit to more of it!

This page will serve as a temporary store as we are not yet convinced we want a dedicated shop like Shopify and we aren’t convinced Etsy is the perfect solution either as we will have a lot of custom items available. So for now, this will be where you’ll learn about our offerings and then we will simply use an order form we govern ourselves.

Quite a few of our items will be exclusive to those models who’ve been on the cover of Retro Lovely, Retro Lovely Taboo Edition or our VENUS CULT titles. So understand you will be asked which issue you were on the cover of to be eligible for those.


I’m a Retro Lovely Cover Girl T-Shirt. What more can we say? You probably won’t be walking around some car show or event with your copy of Retro Lovely with you on the cover, but wearing this T-Shirt would be a no-brainer.

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Maybe you’re a model who has been in an issue just not yet on a cover. Or perhaps you’re a photographer we’ve featured. Our unisex “As Seen In” T-Shirt is perfect for you!.

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And for the cover models who want something a little more low key yet even more special in that it is PERSONALIZED we have out custom embroidered Dickies brand work shirts. How cool is that?

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There’s nothing better than an old school rubber stamp. Unless it’s a Retro Lovely Stamp. And especially if it’s a customized Retro Lovely Cover Girl Stamp.

How amazing will that be to add to your letters you send to your fans?


The next time you need to give someone your information in person don’t just tell them you’re a cover model. SHOW THEM. Official Retro Lovely Cover Model Business Cards because if a picture is worth a thousand words, you on our cover is worth ten thousand.

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Die-cut, weather resistant and totally cool!

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One of the most classic promotional items. They have been used to advertised companies, politicians, your favorite band. EVERYTHING!
Now you can show that you’re part of the Retro Lovely Army. With several designs they are all bound to be conversation starters. 2-1/4″ in size. Not only are they American made, they are made right in our own design studios!

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