Shoot at Retro Lovely Studios

That’s right. You can shoot in our own studios. Located in historic downtown Pottsville Pennsylvania, Retro Lovely Studios is within a 5 hour radius of nearly half the population of the United States. Which means we’re really close to quite a lot of you. We are 3 hours from New York City, two from Philadelphia, 1.5 from Baltimore, about 3 from Washington D.C. and about 4 from Pittsburgh. Our 4,000 square foot studio features several shooting spaces with an impressive array of sets, props and wardrobe. We also rent the space and are often visited by world-class photographers from all over the country.

Our photo sessions are different from any other shoot you will do. They are curated specifically for publication.
If you wish to discuss this one in a lifetime session we would be happy to chat with you. Please serious inquiries only.
This is not a means to show us other work you want published. Our sessions guarantee publication. There is nothing about them that would gain you a chance at being a cover model, unless you are Dita Von Teese reading this, or Lady Gaga or Christina Hendricks or Katy Perry. Get the idea?

These curated sessions will begin with a portfolio review by Retro Lovely publisher Michael Bann lead photographer of Devilbliss Studios. If accepted a discussion will follow regarding thoughts about what sort of session would be recommended for you. Down to wardrobe and styling selection. Pose examples will be provided. You will spend approximately 4-5 hours in the studio where a licensed cosmetologist will spend 1.5 to 2 hours styling you and remain on set for touch-ups during principal photography.  In addition to the photography for publication we will also create more images for you to have and use as you choose. While we are creating these images for publication in Retro Lovely and ask they remain exclusive to us until the issue is released, we do not require full exclusivity forever. Other images created that we do not use in an issue are free for you to submit and post wherever you choose. Once the session is completed, your schedule permitting, we will break for lunch or dinner and discuss how to best utilize your session and publication to your advantage. If you have a significant fanbase or are a performer of some type it is possible to leverage your publication to your advantage. It is possible for some to parlay the session and publication in such a way that the shoot cost is paid for by your ability to access copies of the issue at a wholesale that would provide you more profit potential per copy sold than any other opportunity available to you. We know this build up sounds expensive. But the fact is this session is well within the average price from any dedicated studio you will find, that is to say a full time studio, the part time, home based studios do have cost advantages we do not. These sessions are also less expensive than 90% of any dedicated boudoir studios.

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