Retro Lovely On The Road

Myrtle Beach South Carolina

Retro Lovely publisher Michael Bann of Devilbliss Studios is hitting the road and making a stop in Myrtle Beach South Carolina at Coastal Expressions Studio. He’ll be bringing his iconic lighting techniques for a limited number of photography sessions. Every participating model is guaranteed publication in Michael’s legendary Retro Lovely, Taboo Edition or Venus Cult if they choose.

Initial dates offered will be October 22,23 & 24.

A variety of settings are available including:

  • Vintage Sitting Room
  • Retro Parlor
  • Traditional Boudoir
  • Dungeon / Fetish
The Fetish Cage that is now part of Coast Expressions Studio was actually commissioned and designed by Michael Bann and Dark Days Welding in Pennsylvania.

Sessions offered will be 1 hour or 2 hours of shooting time. In your scheduled time you can change wardrobe as you choose.

One hour sessions are $350 and include every single image captured handed to you immediately on an SD data card you can take home with you. One hour sessions include 12 refined images that adjust for color balance, brightness and contrast, cropping and overall skin refinements. Custom hands-on retouching is available at an additional cost of $25 per image which covers body contouring, advanced airbrushing, wardrobe editing or compositing.

Two hour sessions are $575 with 24 refined images PLUS 6 of those custom edited to your requests (a $125 value).

Cover Sessions are offered at $950 and include 3-4 hours of shooting time in several sets with wardrobe changes. There will also be a good deal of pre-planning with regards to a review of your existing portfolio and wardrobe thoughts. Makeup and Hair is not included and if you need someone else to do that, their past work would also need to be reviewed.  Cover sessions include 24 refined images plus 12 custom edits. The finished results would be something from this session being published as a cover with Retro Lovely or Venus Cult with a 6-8 page feature and social media sharing.  – Please note; any session that produces noteworthy images will be presented to our team for cover consideration. The Cover Session simply provides more time before during and after the session to guarantee results suitable for cover use. It is simply impossible to do in an hour or two of shooting without significant planning beforehand.

Makeup and hair styling is not included but we could put you in contact with local stylist who have worked with Coastal Expressions.

Sessions require a 50% deposit with the remaining balance due when the shoot commences. Cancellations are subject to a 15% refund fee and can only be made within 30 days of the scheduled session. If a party can not make their scheduled date after that 30 day window the deposit is forfeited. If there are any issues in fulfilling the session on the part of the photographer 110% of any payments made will be returned.

Cover Samples – Click for larger views

Street Chopper and The Horse are news stand publications

Samples with my signature lighting – Click for larger views

Nude and Fetish work – Click for larger views