Retro Lovely ART Special Edition

Only once in our entire 10 year history have we published anything other than photographic content. That changes NOW. We are now accepting submissions for the Retro Lovely ART Special Edition.

That one instance occurred in Retro Lovely No.2 and featured this great piece by Ric Frane.

We felt it only fitting to discuss this with Ric and he has graciously agreed to join us in the review process for submissions. Here’s part of his bio:

Ric Frane has been drawing and painting as long as he can remember.
His interest in fantasy & horror art came when he first saw the work of Frank Frazetta. Ric realized that this was the style of art he wanted to get into. Later his own subject matter and style evolved . After being exposed to classic pin-up artists like Gil Elvgren and Vargas Ric’s interests turned to pin-up while not abandoning his love for horror and fantasy. So the best of both worlds were brought together and you see the horror pin-ups he is known for today.

Ric uses a variety of different mediums for his creations. Specializing in watercolor, he also uses acrylic, inks, air-brush, and photography.
“I draw a lot of inspiration from my models. Their personalites will often help drive a piece. I like to hear their input and often collaborations will create wonderful pieces. A lot of my photographic work is done this way.”

Ric has done illustration work for many books, magazines, CD covers, games, & comics. He has been featured in several publications and his work
has been collected around the world.

Submissions are now open. The form lists file requirements. Work that depicts real subjects will require a release from those subjects in addition to the creator of the art.

Initially we can not estimate a release date as it will depend on participation.

All styles are welcome that are related to the pinup community. So pinups of course, horror and fantasy work such as Ric’s, hot rods would make sense, art depicting the mid-century / atomic age etc, possibly tattoo art. If you are a fan of Retro Lovely you probably have a sense of what would be fitting, when in doubt submit! We’ll let you know if we’d include the work. If the artwork is adult themed – depicts nudes we will consider including that work in our Taboo Edition along with photographic art if there is not enough of it to support a full nude art edition.

Here are some additional samples of Ric’s work: