Sat. Dec 4th, 2021

Postcards From America

We are now in the planning stages to take Retro Lovely on the road.
We have put in place several new resources and have added graphic artists to our team to meet the increased volume of submissions we are experiencing. Postcards from America will be another chapter in the next exciting phase of our story.

Our goal is to travel the country, visiting iconic mid-century landmarks and destinations. We want to find as many vintage travel postcards that we can and visit those locations today from widely known places to those off the beaten path. We want to see businesses, towns, and people relevant to those things we’d consider vintage and retro. We want to meet those who’ve been part of our story or will be. We are seeking nominations for places to stop along our travels. While we are grateful our business has been good enough for us to do things no other similar publication has, we have to be honest and state it isn’t that good that we can fund this project from magazine sales alone. Honestly, we wouldn’t want that anyway. Any progress we make with the magazine we want to use to create more opportunities for the models and artists whose work makes that all possible. Like our Special Model Editions where those models featured keep all the profits. So we will offer a few things with this project to help us fund it on its own. We know it won’t do it completely, and a big part of this will be our footing the bill ourselves.

This page will outline some of the places we are planning to visit. Those who may have suggestions on sites we should check out, let us know with the contact form. It might be you also know some great location we might offer model photoshoots. Let us know on the contact form. We also want to meet fans along the way, including staying with some who might have a spare room to put us up for a night or two. Maybe you have a retro-themed business where you’d permit us to offer photoshoots. With some of our excursions, we’d also entertain some “ride-along” companions, of course, with considerations for health and safety during these uncommon times (we think those will come later in the year and into 2022).

We will soon add a page here with info on proposed trips we know we want to do and their general itineraries. There will be a contact form and a page with possible opportunities for businesses, models, photographers, and fans.

We are most certainly open to suggestions as well.

Of course, once we put rubber to the road, we will be sharing our adventures on our social media channels.

Who’s in?

Click here for a list of trips we want to undertake.

Click here for the contact form.