How to Shoot Models for Publication and Covers Workshop

It’s really exciting to have your work published in a magazine. Seeing it showcased by others after all your hard work producing it is quite validating. Having your work published frequently is even better. Seeing it on the cover of a magazine is as good as it gets. Actually having people hire you and throwing bags of money at you is pretty cool too.

Plenty of artists work towards the goal of having their images published and on the cover of a publication but not all manage this accomplishment.

Ever wonder what goes into selecting images for a publication or for a cover for a magazine?

There are so many different things that go into a publisher’s decision it would take at least a day to cover them all. So spend the day with Retro Lovely publisher and photographer Michael Bann and go deep inside the mind of someone who has spent more time than is healthy making those decisions.

Who is this workshop for? Photographers who are already shooting models as a hobby or as a business and have interest in getting their work placed in magazines.

What will the workshop cover? Whew, well, here’s just a few of the topics that will be discussed:

  • What does it mean to be internationally published?
  • All publications are not created equal
  • There are no good or bad photos
  • Common composition mistakes (this is the big one)
  • Trim and Bleed, not a barbering mishap
  • Resolution, why it does and doesn’t matter
  • The human eye is not the most capable imaging device, but it’s our benchmark
  • Print vs. displays
  • White balance and color correction – Consistency is King
  • Blown Highlights. Lost Shadows. Press Gain
  • Editing and retouching 
  • Research the market
  • Create your strategy 
  • Stack the deck
  • and much much more

Michael Bann is the creator and publisher of Retro Lovely Magazine. He is also the principal photographer of Bann Photography – Devilbliss Studios. Michael’s credits reach beyond Retro Lovely however, having had his work featured on covers of international newsstand publications such as Street Chopper and The Horse as well as in others like Playboy, Spin, ‘Ol Skool Rodz and Alternative Press to name a few. His event coverage has found him shooting people such as Vice President Joe Biden, Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Senator Nancy Pelosi, Motion Picture legend Julie Andrews, Patti LaBelle, Paris Hilton and others. He also provides freelance photographic support for one of the largest retailers in the world. To say he knows a thing or two about imaging and publishing is an understatement.

Watch this video where Michael takes part in a group chat with New York City photographer Kent Miller and Adorama video content creator Daniel Norton Photographer talking on a wide array of topics.