5 October 2012

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2011 Playmate of the Year Claire Sinclair for Retro Lovely Magazine from Retro Lovely on Vimeo.

t5 Coming Fall 2012

Retro Lovely No.9

Retro Lovely No.9 is slated for an August 2012 release and features model Aly Loren as photographed by Retro Lovely Pinup Syndicate photographer Marilee Caruso.

This issue is scheduled for August 2012 and is available on pre-order now.

Order here: Retro Lovely No.9


Here and there we see pinup imagery from around the globe. It's awesome to see the art form alive and flourishing in far off lands. One hot spot in particular is quite active... and so we present Mitzi & Co. Australia Edition.

We sure aren't in Kansas anymore as this collection of photographs comes from a recent journey by Mitzi & Co. to the land down under, aka Australia, aka Oz. This special edition will run 64 pages and includes some great behind the scenes images and content. Peek into the pinup and hotrod culture of a world away!

This issue will become available in July 2012. It's on pre-order now: Retro Lovely Presents: Mitzi & Co. AUSTRALIA EDITION


Taboo No.4 featuring Angela Ryan photographed by Chas Ray Krider.

This is the HOTTEST Taboo Edition yet! This collection is a stunning assembly of some steamy work by some of he best in the business. If you've loved the racier images of previous Taboo Editions, this one is going to be a delight.

Released in July 2012, it's shipping now.


Order here: Retro Lovely Taboo Edition No. 4


Retro Lovely No.8

Featuring Melanie Lacy as photographed by Holly West.

An incredible collection of exceptional and varied imagery including a bevy of new talent both in front of and behind the lens. Without question a very worth addition to the retro Lovely series.

This issue began shipping in May 2012

Order here: Retro Lovely No.8


Retro Lovely Presents Atomic Cheesecake Studios.

Our third photographer edition and a stunning one at that. 88 pages of classic imagery by Baltimore based, Atomic Cheesecake Studios.

This much anticipated collection has been acclaimed by many and supported by Atomic's vast fanbase.

This issue began shipping in February/March 2012

Order here: Atomic Cheesecake Special Edition

Taboo Edition No.3

This next installment of Taboo Edition features Bianca Bomshell on the cover as photographed by Randy Allen. We're especially proud of this as Randy has been a customer of Retro Lovely for a very long time and we first became aware of Bianca through him.

This issue began shipping in January/February 2012.

Order here: Taboo 3

Star Maker No.2

This follow-up to Star Maker No.1 expanded to 64 pages and continues to gain momentum from fans and participants alike.

Star Maker No.2 began shipping in January 2012.

Order here: Star Maker 2

Retro Lovely Presents Celeste Giuliano Photography.

Our second photographer edition and a stunning one at that. 88 breathtaking pages of fine fine imagery by Philadelphia based, Retro Lovely Pinup Syndicate Photographer Celeste Giuliano.

Celeste's issue also had the distinction of featuring some multi-page photo essays that caught even us by surprise and delighted fans as well.

This issue began shipping in December 2011

Order here: Celeste Giuliano Special Edition

Retro Lovely No.7

Featuring Bettie Page Clothing spokesmodel and Playboy Playmate of the year Claire Sinclair by Robert Alvarado.

This again was a cover and feature shot for Retro Lovely. In fact we journeyed from our East Coast headquarters out to Los Angeles to chronicle the shoot itself, hence the video at the top of this page.

This issue began shipping in December 2011

Order here: Retro Lovely No.7

Retro Lovely Presents Kelvis

Our first Model Edition. One full collection of one specific model.

Model Kelvis had become something of a title holder with Retro Lovely. Having first appeared in Taboo No.1 (what a debut it was), she quickly began to take advantage of our offer to artists where we offer them inventory at wholesale and on consignment. Her fanbase became rabid supporters of hers, and ours and the sales volume that passed directly through her proved to us an issue of her alone would be a no-brainer.

Retro Lovely Presents Kelvis began shipping in November 2011.

Order here: Retro Lovely Presents Kelvis

Star Maker No.1

This development, this sister-title, was developed to account for the same issues we were experiencing in general, that being we run out of space to showcase all the work that gets submitted to us that we find suitable for publishing. Star Maker was also set up to be more model-accessible. Retro Lovely only accepts material from photographers and studios, not models directly. Star Maker was established for models and their fans to be more in control. Even Star Maker cover models are selected by patrons of each issue. No.1 shipped in October of 2011 and feedback was such that this title will continue and grow in size with coming issues.

Order here: Star Maker 1

Rabid No.6

Not a Retro Lovely publication but one we helped co-produce in that this issue of Rabid magazine departed from their usual printer (a print on demand service) and was run with the same high end materials used with Retro Lovely products.

An exceptional collection of images and articles pulled together with great graphics and design principals. We took part with them on this issue as it's of a quality we'd be proud to put our name on. This came in and began shipping in September 2011

Order here: Rabid


Retro Lovely Presents Mitzi & Co.

September 2011 we saw an amazing addition to our offerings... Artist editions which are collections of work by a singular artist or model. We found repeatedly with Retro Lovely that we never seemed to have enough space to showcase all the great work being produced. These special editions showcasing one artist's work have become a great way for us to provide their fans an expanded issue of their favorite photographers and models.

Order here: Mitzi & Co. Special Edition

Retro Lovely No.6

On the cover Eden Berlin by Viva Van Story.

This issue has the title for the largest release yet at 128 pages. It began shipping in August 2011.

Order here: Retro Lovely No.6

Taboo Edition No.1 Reprint

Reprinted by the wave of demand ushered in by Taboo No.2. This reprint began shipping in July 2011.

Order here: Retro Lovely Taboo Edition No.1 Reprint

Taboo No.2

This cover was also shot for Retro Lovely, for this issue. Featuring Mona de Lux who was featured prominently in Taboo Edition No.1 as shot by Candylust.

This issue debuted in June of 2011. It came in and began shipping to a whole new ocean of fans who had not had the opportunity of getting a copy of Taboo No.1. Seeing the theme and content of Taboo No.2 it created a frenzy of inquiries for the first issue. So much so that this is what pressed us to reprint Taboo No.1

Order here: Retro Lovely Taboo Edition No.2


Retro Lovely No.5

This issue shipped in April of 2011 and featured Angela Ryan by Mitzi & Co.

Another 124 issue of exceptional imagery. Though it seems each issue before the newest one is the most impressive we have certainly achieved a "stride" where devoted fans know that if we put a collection out, it will meet or exceed the quality benchmark we've established for the title.

Order here: Retro Lovely No.5

Retro Lovely No.4 Zadie Cover

This and its sister issue below were released in February of 2011. There were two covers produced as it was tied to a contest where we sought out new faces for the cover of the magazine. The qualifications were that participating models had never before appeared on the cover of a magazine. The finalists and winners were selected largely by the patrons of the magazine.

Order here: Retro Lovely No.4

Retro Lovely No.4, Kelly Cover

Order here: Retro Lovely No.4

Retro Lovely No.1 Reprint

This is actually extremely uncommon for a magazine to do. To go back and reprint an issue they'd cold out of. This is largely because our business model is not like most magazines. These issues are put together to remain "timeless" and be relevant months and years past their original release.

Even this reprint is nearly sold out. This will be our first product to go on to a third printing.

We intend to reprint all issues, as needed so we maintain inventory of all Retro Lovely issues published.

Currently unavailable for individual sale.

Taboo Edition No.1

While regular editions of Retro Lovely do not include nudity or racy images of burlesque gals in little more than pasties and some imagination.... Taboo Edition was created to permit the publication of more adult imagery. This release caught us off guard. We ran a few thousand copies but when the first shipments began arriving in December of 2010 and people were able to see the quality of the images and that our selections were very classy even though some depicted full nudity... this issue went on to sell through more quickly than any others.

Order here: Retro Lovely Taboo Edition No.1

NOTE, the price on these are for the remaining collector's copies of this first printing. Buy the reprint at the cover price.

Retro Lovely No.3 of October 2010 boasted the title's first exclusive, shot for Retro Lovely cover of Gia Genevieve as photographed by Roy Varga.

This issue broke a size record by reaching 124 glorious pages, cementing the comment many expressed that the magazine ws "more like a book"

This issue is now also in low supply and fetching premiums.

Order here: Retro Lovely No.3

Retro Lovely No.2 featuring MOSH by RedRum Collaboration arrived in June of 2010. By the time this issue began shipping there was a significant buzz created from issue No.1 and many people waited with anticipation to see if it would be worthy follow-up... most agree it achieved just that.

The issue grew to 104 pages and also sold through very quickly. It too is now virtually out of print with just a few remaining in "as new" unsold condition.

Order here: Retro Lovely No.2

Retro Lovely No.1 featuring model Masuimi Max by Mitzi & Co. debuted at Viva Las Vegas April 2010. This 88 page collection of exceptional pinup images delivered in a package that was and remains without equal when it comes to showcasing the finest pinup imagery.

This debut edition sold out rapidly and remaining copies began to command premiums. Many first printing copies in mint condition bring premium prices. We the publisher will buy back pristine examples for $75, quite a retrun from its original $10 cover price.

Original Collector's first edition copies available here: Retro Lovely No.1





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