Sat. Dec 4th, 2021


We are very excited to offer our 2022 Model Calendars.

For 2021 we offered Cover Model Calendars that were a huge success. We are proud to announce that for 2022 we’re adding options for any models we’ve published. This has proven to be a fantastic opportunity for models to offer to their fans and MAKE MONEY.

We have 4 options for 2022!

MODEL CALENDAR: 12 month model calendar, only your photos. Your name on the cover. Produced by Retro Lovely Publishing listed on back. Setup fee – $99 through July 31st. August through September = $135

COVER MODEL CALENDAR: Your cover plus 11 additional images of yours. Setup fee – $99 through July 31st. August through September = $135

GROUP COVER MODEL CALENDAR: Your cover along with 11 other cover models we choose to complement yours. These are the same calendars we offered for 2021 that were a big hit. They are very impressive as each month features an image we chose for a cover! And they are our most affordable. Setup fee ONLY $25 through July 31st. August through September = $40


There’s strength in numbers. Why go it alone? It’s part of why teaming with Retro Lovely Publishing makes sense. We’ve done this. A lot. If you are part of a crew you might want to consider a sponsor calendar. There’s a lot about these that could help make your 2022 calendar a regional hit like you’ve never considered. Read below for more details.

Calendar Specifications:

12 month calendar. 26 total pages. Vertical format. 8.5″ x 11″ before trimming, deluxe card stock pages. If you’ve seen our SCRAPBOOK SERIES you know what this is. If you’ve only seen a magazine of ours it’s the same card stock as the covers. Spiral bound. NO HOLE PUNCH. This isn’t an option from our printer but it posed no issues for any of last year’s models.

What do we include? Professional layout and design. Uploading to a private link with our printer where you can purchase copies at wholesale. Sharing your calendar on our social media pages with links back to you so fans can purchase. You can decide if you want to offer them signed (that’s worth more) or you can simply place the orders and have them dropped shipped to your supporters. We also offer models who want to sell signed prints the use of our studio return address if they do not have their own P.O. Box for this purpose. You really do not want followers to have your home address.

Why do the setup fees change based on the date?

Workload. For those who plan ahead rates are discounted – like an early-bird special. Our busiest season is the fall with our legendary Halloween and Holiday Editions. For 2021 our Halloween release alone spanned 30 volumes. That’s nearly one Halloween edition per day. Then there was our other releases. In October 2020 we released 47 publications. That’s what most magazines produce in 4 years. In spite of our increased capacity we KNOW the fall is going to push us to the limits as more and more people choose Retro Lovely publishing as their first choice to chronicle their work.

How can you make money with these?

OK, here’s one scenario. You do a model calendar that has a $99 setup fee. Copies are then available to you for just $10. If you order 10 copies you get a 15% discount on those, this should more than cover shipping costs. So with the setup fee the total for 10 copies is around $200. Offer them to your fans autographed for $25 (with shipping to them extra) and you’d receive $250 for a $50 profit. If you could sell 15 copies your profit would be $125. Sell 20 and it’s $200 profit!

What helps is you can split up your costs too. Getting them ready is just your setup fee. Then in a few months after you get some commitments from your fans you would have the cost of the calendars themselves. You could even offer a pre-order discount to fans and raise the money from them.

What about the sponsor calendars?

Setup fee is $150 through July 31st. August through September = $200.

How can you make a sponsor calendar something special? Well it’s actually not nearly as hard as you might think. First, think about businesses you work with that are relevant to pinup. Salons, classic car restorers, vintage or thrift shops, antique dealers, clothing stores. Ideally businesses with physical storefronts. Offer a sponsor ad for each month at $25 (you can set your own prices of course) and include a copy of the calendar when it’s ready. Do this for each month and that’s 12 sales. This ensures you’ve sold enough to get the 15% discount on the copies you need for your own direct sales. What’s more this is an endorsement of you! If you suggest to those businesses they could sell the copy you provide them for the $25 ad fee, you can show them they are getting nearly free advertising. But why stop there? What if you offered them more copies at discounts? Then their ad could actually make them money. If you lined up 12 businesses this is 12 places where the general public will see and be able to purchase YOUR calendar. If you have a pinup social club with several members you could also offer to do a SIGNING at those businesses who opt for a larger quantities. We have a wealth of suggestions and proven ideas on how to make this work. When you decide this is right for you and begin the process we will give you all those details.

Of course there’s nothing stopping you from doing this yourself. What we offer is our design team that has a lot of experience doing this. We’ll also promote YOUR CALENDAR on our social media channels. It is something we want to do as it will help other models decide they need to team with us.

In fact if you don’t need us to do all the work but want a head start with a solid design template? Ours is available in Adobe InDesign for just $50 which includes a review of your finished PDF where we will point out any potential problems.

Ready to get started? We are! Click here or the graphic below!