By a ratio of about 450,000 : 1, “How do I get a cover” is the most frequently asked question. Because of this we’ve begun to offer services to help you achieve that goal.


Cover Review
Think you have a submission that has a cover image amongst the set? For $100 we will do a deep review of the content and provide you detailed feedback on why we wouldn’t or would use the work for a cover feature. Through this process you will likely pick up a number of tips and tricks to keep in mind when working on your next photoshoot. You can select this option when you submit your content on our submission form.

Cover Coaching
This is where we work with you PRIOR to your next session, we review samples of your team’s past work, including the model, photographer and stylists in order to offer a list of observations and things to avoid. Unless your team is actively aware of those things that could render an amazing photo useless to us as a cover you could miss some very simple and avoidable things. You can learn more here: COVER COACHING SERVICE

Portfolio Review
Here we will do a comprehensive review of you existing portfolio to find a photoset and image that we could use as a cover feature. This differs from the Cover Coaching in that we are only working with you on content you already have and will spend the time considering each and every shoot you wish to share with us. You can get started with this form: