Sat. Dec 4th, 2021

Halloween Girls Challenge

Do you love Halloween?

Do you love making videos?

Visit our Instagram Reels or our TikTok page for a sample clip.

Make one of your own where you transform from your normal self into your Halloween Girl persona. It only needs to be you having fun and transforming with our Halloween Girl theme as the soundtrack. Our example has all sorts of other nonsense because we just couldn’t resist.

As the file will potentially be too large to email you will need to send us a Google Drive or Dropbox link to it. Email that to using the subject line Halloween Girl Challenge.


On October 31st we will review all the clips sent in and choose the one that strikes us most. It won’t be “best quality” “most elaborate” or any one thing, simply the one our team responds to the most.

On Nov. 1 we will announce a winner who will receive a $100 cash prize OR… the opportunity to share their portfolio in search of a photoset we could use as a cover on one of our titles.