How exciting! Our first calendars ever will be HALLOWEEN CALENDARS!

How can you be one of the select few models to be featured in these groundbreaking calendars?

  1. Submit your new, never before published, Halloween themed set for our 2020 Halloween Special Edition. In 2019 we featured over 150 models over ten issues with twenty covers in all. Obviously twelve models in one of our calendars are even fewer than we featured on covers and there will be only ONE calendar cover model from among all of our general submissions. Submit here for that special edition and you are automatically in consideration for a calendar spot.
  2. Book a session with one of our Official Partner Studios (find them here) We will be producing one or two calendars featuring at least one model from each of our 24 participating partner studios. Please note, some studios are not back to regular working schedules due to the on-going pandemic.
  3. Make a submission to another calendar with our FastPass option where you can prioritize a review and get detailed feedback within 24 hours of your submission. With these calendars you can actually submit older work you may have along with work that has already been published! This will be limited to 24 accepted models with only 2 calendar covers being chosen improving you chances of acceptance into one of our Halloween Calendars. Click here to get started.


OK, these calendars will be in portrait orientation. Not sure what that means? The internet knows all, click here.

So the first HUGE TIP. Don’t send anything in landscape orientation for the calendars.

The next tip is, don’t take images where your head, hands and feet are right on the edges of the photos. That’s fine for your smartphone, it shows you every bit of the image. But for printing the images are printed on a larger page than the final product, the printers can’t just magically print right up to the exact edge of a page. The way they make it look like they do is to print more and trim (cut) away part of it. If your head, hands and feet are right on the edges they could get cut off. We do not want to do that to you. So leave space around your extremities. We won’t use images where we have to cut off body parts.

Next, on a similar topic. Most cameras, be that professional or your smartphone generally default to a shape that mimics 35mm film. Or a ratio of 2:3. This is taller than magazine pages, covers and the image area of our calendar. It is most advisable to leave a good bit of space above your head and below your feet in images so that when cropped you don’t cut off key parts of the compositions. As an exercise take a few dozen of your favorite photos and ask someone with a printer to run them on 8.5 x 11 paper. When they do see what happens to the images, if you’ve got white bars along the left and right edges of the page it tells you the printer fit it as best as it could to not lose any image. If it actually fills that page leaving only a very slim white border all around it and you didn’t get anything important cut off you know you have a file that’s suited for magazine pages, covers or our calendar.

WE DO NOT EDIT OR CROP SUBMISSIONS. Do a bit of homework. Ask your photographer for 8.5 x 11 crops with at least 1 inch margin all around from any part of your body. If they can crop it to that and parts of you sneak into that margin… those parts could get cut off. We can’t speak for you, but when we see magazines that do this, we cry a little. Maybe that we won’t do this is why our covers are among the most highly regarded you’ll find.

Good luck!