COVERS. How to get them. How to shoot them.

Covers. Who wouldn’t love to have their work on the cover of a magazine?

It’s one of the most mentioned, asked and commented on topics a publication encounters. Equally as often a magazine doesn’t detail that out. You’ll get submission guidelines and perhaps some expected list of things they look for. Then when you think for sure you’ve got something they will beg you to put on their cover they decline. It can be frustrating.

There’s a few things you need to realize when it comes to this topic and that lack of resources. Few publications today are flush with profits to have the staffing to really help you do what dozens and hundreds of other artists have been providing them without any effort or support. That second part hurts in this day and age. The hundreds of other artists already providing ready to use content. We know all about it. We’ve lived through the age where publishers PAID artists for the content they featured. When it was sought out, contracted to be created. It is simply not that way any longer. Why? Smart phones and social media. Be honest with how many magazines you yourself purchase, now think about how much money you spend on smartphones and their service plans and how much media you consume on them, very often for free, all while the big tech giants reap billions of dollars in ad profits they largely funnel offshore to avoid paying taxes on. WHOA, sorry, quite a tangent there and our bitterness on this got past our filter.

It is what it is. The reason you’re reading this is because you wanted to learn what it takes to get your art featured as a cover on a magazine. On Retro Lovely.

This page holds several links (some ready for view, others being prepared to share) to resources that could help you reach that goal. And not just with Retro Lovely. The pointers we provide are valuable for any images you might wish to submit for publication.

For Models & Photographers

Custom Submission Review with Detailed Feedback. Think you have an image and set that’s deserving of a cover? Our submission review service will give you a fast track for having your work considered for a cover feature. You will get detailed info on why we wouldn’t (or possibly would) use the work as a cover feature. There is a fee for this service but here’s a free tip… no image submitted where the model’s feet or limbs are touching or are nearly touching the edge of the image would ever be used as a cover with Retro Lovely.

Pre-Shoot Planning Guide. This is actually something you would need to discuss with your shoot team. The Photographer. The Model. The Stylists. When this is ready it will be a guide spanning several topics that will provide those artists typically involved in a photoshoot much information with which to better your chances of gaining the attention of a magazine publisher.

For Photographers

Workshops! Group Events. Private One on One Training. Workshops Hosted in Your Studio. Online Mentoring with Skype / Facetime etc. Click here for all these options and more. Mark your calendar for the first How to Shoot Models for Publication and Covers Workshop at the Retro Lovely Headquarters-Studio on March 28th 2020 in Pottsville Pennsylvania.