Retro Lovely publishes more pinup than any other print publication.

As of August we published over 100 issues featuring 1400 models and 215 cover models on 7,400 pages. NOBODY PUBLISHES MORE PINUP CONTENT in print. We know of no other full-time pinup magazines in existence. Most are hobbies or side jobs. This is our main work. We are the only pinup magazine that has ever had our issues on news stands all over the world. You can find more of our original back issues on E-Bay, selling for premiums over the cover price than any other pinup magazine. To say we know a thing or two about publishing pinup is an understatement.

We obsess over the creation of our covers often employing graphics work that most readers don’t even notice, but it’s the devil in the details that makes them so memorable and instantly recognizable, and coveted by the models and photographers we feature.

It is many artists’ dream to have their work featured on our covers. And we love being able to do that each and every time we release a new issue.

We can’t tell you how many times we hear “how do I get a cover”? And though we share time and again pointers and tips we constantly see amazing images we’d love to feature as a cover but can’t due to one or more common reasons. Avoidable mistakes get made again and again.

We are a publisher, we aren’t a school for photography or modeling or styling. It isn’t our role to educate people in their craft. But we know about it. We are photographers ourselves we work with models and stylists day in and day out. We can provide people with those tools they need to have their best shot at seeing their work on our covers.

What we don’t have is the time or resources to do this for everyone who wants that support, believe us it is everyone.

We can offer it as a mentorship. And so we are offering Cover Coaching for less than the cost of most photo sessions. For $250 We will work with you to equip you with the knowledge needed to avoid the common mistakes we see all the time.

How does it work? We ask you to provide us with a body of existing work by the model, photographer and stylists you’ll be teaming with for your session. We will review and critique each artist and point out strengths and weaknesses. Things to be mindful of. Things to avoid. We’ll ask you what your shoot theme is, where the location is, the equipment being used, what wardrobe will be and offer you a wealth of guidance on what sorts of things we look for, what to avoid. This won’t be a quick process. This will be tailored to your team.

When the shoot is completed we will review the raw images before they are edited to indicate which, if any images we feel have cover potential (we truly hope there will be that one we love and ask you to feature as a cover). From there we will offer tips for the editing process if any are needed based on our review of prior work.

If we do not find an image we want for a cover, we will give detailed feedback on what went wrong, what was missed. If we give you a “no” from that session we will offer such a critique one additional time for another session by the same team. It has to be the same team in order for the guidance to work. If it were different parties we’d have to do the entire process all over. Portfolio reviews alone run $150 so if you wanted some new talent that would be the fee to get them up to speed.

Ready to get started?

Simply fill out this form and we will get back to you within 48 hours to get things rolling and get you on your way to your Retro Lovely Cover: