It’s true, for several years now Michael Bann creator of the Legendary Retro Lovely Magazine and owner of Devilbliss Studios has been involved with an annual regional event that has proven incredibly popular with fans of all things retro and pinup. For 2019 we are formally branding it as the Retro Lovely Ball. And you’re invited!

The earliest events were call Pinup Prom and over the years there has been several incarnations of the event. We are taking everything we’ve loved from each of these and bringing them into our planning for the Retro Lovely Ball.

Click this graphic to visit the Model’s Page to see all the models attending this year’s Ball!
Click this graphic to visit the Model’s Page to see all the models attending this year’s Ball!


  • When: Saturday June 1st 8:00 p.m. til 1:00 a.m.
  • Where: Pottsville Pennsylvania at the Ramada by Wyndham Pottsville/Frackville
    101 S. Progress Avenue, Pottsville PA 17901.
  • Admission cost is $20 per person in advance of February 28th or as soon as the first 100 tickets are sold. After the first 100 sell or after February 28th pre-sale tickets will be $25 per person. After May 1st $30 per person.
  • We will have a block of rooms available at the Ramada under the event name Retro Lovely Ball. You must inform them of this upon booking your stay. Our event from 3 years ago nearly completely booked the hotel. It’s true, the whole place was like a land locked themed cruise ship of retro fans. Which was a good thing as many attendees had sea legs near the end of the night!


What is the Retro Lovely Ball like?:

Well, our events of the past have been gatherings of fans of all things retro and obviously PINUPS. We always seem to have fans attend who more often than not dress the part and in some cases in truly amazing wardrobe, be that period accurate or modern reproductions or an amalgamation of things. Vintage attire is not required though. We frown upon “the vintage police” and highly encourage anyone who thinks this is a vintage re-enactment to consider not attending. This is about having FUN. Leave the bias at home please. That said, we will have some best dressed awards for those so inclined who elect to dry-clean and tailor their best.

Pinup Prom 2016. That’s Ryan from Boudoir Louisville on the left.
Some of the lovely ladies from Pinup Prom 2017
2016 – Vintage or Repro or whatever you are comfortable in. Join us!

There will of course be music! In the past we’ve had bands and while they have been great we have recently found DJ’d music to be a great and well received choice. For our party in 2018 we actually ran the musical selections featuring a different decade as each hour progressed. We did in fact finish with a free for all that teetered oddly between disco, punk, new wave and contemporary music. If you think hearing Lana Del Ray back to back with Abba, Marilyn Manson and Right Said Fred is just too odd, the last hour of the Ball is probably not for you.

Dancing is highly encouraged

The Ramada in Pottsville was converted from a large department store from another age. It is not opulent. It is not a 5 star resort. Don’t expect the Orleans in Vegas. It’s not that. But it’s also not a dump either. TripAdvisor has them at 3.5 out of 5 from over 500 reviews. The meeting room we use is spartan, basic, it accommodates about 200 people so don’t wait, it’s very likely this sells out quickly. We do bring in some light decorations. We will have an event banner for you to get your photo taken in front of to prove you were there. The combination of the hotel’s location, and cost, makes it ideal for us and this event. It’s also fantastic for those who like to party hard and not have to drive afterwards.

Full details are pending but there will be several awards as we mentioned for the best dressed folks. Expect a Pinup Contest for sure. We are also very likely going to set aside some time for BURLESQUE performances. And more fun things to come.

You could be lucky enough to get your boob autographed by a world-renowned model and burlesque performer such as Ludella Hahn

As many models featured in Retro Lovely will be attending we are also going to do something really fun in that as we confirm who is attending we will assemble a special “Autograph Book”. Imagine a special edition of Retro Lovely featuring photos of the models at the Ball who you could get to sign your copy? We know several Cover Models will be in attendance as well. Watch our FB event page here for updates on who will be attending.

If you are a model and will be attending and want to participate in the Autograph Book, please check the appropriate boxes when you order your tickets.

Cover Model Miss Kitchie Ohh with a new fan who is not nor
ever has been a member of ZZ Top (The fan, not Kitchie)

For the Retro Lovely Ball we also do provide an array of basic snacks, nothing too involved as we have found too much waste from past events. We will have those sorts of things that keep well, Chips, Pretzels etc. Many attending actually opt to have a nice sit down dinner at one of the nearby restaurants that are in walking distance of downtown Pottsville or very close by. Down below we have a list of places we reccommend.

We will have a bar with beverages for those who enjoy alcohol and those who do not. One of the things we’ve always done is to offer drinks that are at or below the sort of pricing you’d pay at our local taverns. Or let us put it this way, several years ago when we ourselves attended an event in the Nashville area were shocked at how expensive libations were. Our drink prices will leave out city-folk going “that’s it?” Planning for this sort of event can be tricky, we choose several different beers to have on hand as well as an assortment of classic mixed drinks that can be made from the standards such as Whiskey, Rum, Vodka, Tequila Wine etc. Not highbrow. But still things just about anyone could rally for an event like this. What we try to steer clear of are those drinks that need singular ingredients just for them, things that need fresh fruit etc.


Friday May 31st we will also be holding a Retro Lovely Ball Pre-Party at our studios just down the street from the Ramada. This will be a more intimate gathering and a great opportunity for first time attendees traveling from out of town to be able to mingle in a more relaxed environment. We are also considering offering an extra special event we’ll be calling Camera Club where we actually stage a photo shoot with a guest model. For the countless times we’ve heard people say “it must be great to take part in a session” this could permit them to see just what takes place. Part photo shoot, part performance art it’s sure to be something you won’t have the chance to take part in anytime soon. For those budding photographers we may even set it up like the Camera Club shoots of the past where several enthusiasts take turns shooting a single model. Spaces would be very very limited for this. Watch for details and be sure to join our mailing list here for updates.


Glad you asked. We are sort of experts on local attractions of interest to retro loving fans. Let’s start with the immediate Pottsville area.


You can’t mention Pottsville without noting it is home to Yuengling Brewery America’s Oldest Brewer. And thanks to conglomerate takeovers Yuengling also trades the title of the largest American owned and operated brewery with Sam Adams / Boston Brewing. It’s not the big guys that nearly killed off the small brewers in the 70’s and 80’s, they have long since sold out to giant foreign owned companies. Yuengling is still family owned, still family operated. We’ve personally seen owner Dick Yuengling crossing the street between the gift shop and brewery. Legend has it he’s not against driving a forklift or backing in a tractor trailer himself. OK maybe less than in the past but we do respect his blue jeans wearing, get dirty himself spirit. Check their site for tour times and watch their footwear policy for the tour. High heels and flip flops will not work there. It’s a short walk from the Ramada.


Jerry’s is just down the street from the Ramada. Again easy walking distance. It’s a combination car display along with 2 floors of rooms filled with all manner of memorabilia. It’s a perfect compliment to the Retro Lovely Ball. Admission is very reasonable and if you show up dressed like you’re from another age you will very likely be treated like a celebrity by the staff. We’re going to talk to them ahead of the ball so they know some of our tribe may be visiting.


Knoebels is America’s largest free-admission amusement park and offers free parking,free entertainment and free picnic facilities. While at the park, you can take a dip in its 900,000 gallon Crystal Pool. You can stay overnight at one of two campgrounds or a number of cottages. In addition to over 60 rides, award winning food, swimming, games, and gift shops, visitors can add a round of golf at Knoebels Three Ponds Golf Club.

That was all from their media kit. Ask a local about Knoebels, and no matter what their age you will see a glimmer in their eyes sparked by countless memories of a truly wonderful and iconic place. You could visit, walk around all day and not spend a nickel – not even to park. If you love roller coasters they have several that have won awards. We have in the past organized an event we’ve called Pinup in the Park. Perhaps after the Retro Lovely Ball we will need to plan one nearer the end of summer 2019. What do you think? Knoebels is about 47 minutes Northwest of Pottsville.

Who thinks we should hold a gathering here for 2019?
This is our friend, world traveling burlesque star Mika Romantic who you can see perform at the Viva Las Vegas showcase this coming April
This was from our first Pinup In The Park. Yeah, this needs to happen for 2019.


We feel terrible to admit this. But it was just a few years ago we ourselves discovered this hidden gem. Bill’s Old Bike Barn nearly needs to be renamed. SURE there is a great collection of old motorcycles but there is so much more. The vast majority of this amazing museum is called Billville and it is something everyone MUST SEE at least once. Click any graphic on this page to visit the various websites for the places we are referencing but here’s some shots from Billville you will be seeing in an upcoming special edition of Retro Lovely.


Roadside America is quite frankly like stepping through a time portal. This regional attraction has gone on to become world-renowned slice of Americana. It has been called the world’s greatest indoor miniature village! Time has not favored this treasure and the cost of operation and upkeep have it on the auction block. We have even heard rumors some potential buyer from Texas may move it there! That would be a herculean effort and we would certainly part with it over it meeting a more tragic fate. Visit it where it is while you can. Roadside America is about 31 minutes due south of Pottsville along route 78, more precisely old PA 22.


Right in the downtown area there are a number of excellent places to eat. In fact it’s a bit of an anomaly as most of the rest of the county does not remotely have so much in such a concentrated area.