Thank you for your interest in advertising with Retro Lovely.

Here’s the facts. If you want the most reach for your advertising budget it’s not on our pages.
An ad with Google or Facebook (less and less) will reach more people.

If your thought to advertise is because you also want to keep quality print alive, then we would love to talk to you.

If you feel you could place an ad AND carry our product at your business, it’s possible we can offer you a situation where your customers pay for an ad of yours they take home with them. You also get that “man they are hip for supporting this publication” thing by doing so.

How does it work? Place an ad in an issue and we ship you a quantity of magazines whose cover price totals your ad cost. Spiffy huh?

Take a half page ad for $240 and we send you 12 copies. Take a full page at $400 and we send you 20. POSTAGE PAID. You break even and your ad lives on forever. And forever with our publication is a long time. If you check E-Bay you will listings for our back issues from all over the US. We really have distributed thousands of copies all over the map.

Don’t need the issues? Just want to support us? Well we really appreciate that. If that worked better for you a half page ad is $175 with a full page ad coming in at $300. You will still get a copy sent to you for your records.

Ready to take the plunge? Email us at with the subject line ADVERTISING