$500 Halloween and Holiday Promotion

Our Halloween and Holiday issues for 2018 were wildly popular. Retro Lovely published more content for these two editions than any other publication, by a large margin. For 2019 we’re making it even more exciting to submit your work to us. We’re promoting each edition with a $250 giveaway. One model from each series will win a $250 prize! No purchase necessary.

How does it work?

  • Submit your content for publication
  • If accepted you will get a minimum of a 2 page spread in a volume of either special edition, for these special editions we want every model to have a full 2 page spread to herself. No single or half or quarter pages.
  • Your page numbers will be your “ticket” with the published table of contents being the official record of your number. Example: Your images are published on pages 5&6 of Volume No.1, your numbers would be 105 and 106. If you had a 4 page spread in Volume No.4 on pages 51,52,53 and 54 your numbers would be 451, 452, 453 and 454. If we reach 10 volumes those in that issue would begin with 0. So someone on pages 11 and 12 would have “ticket” numbers 011 and 012
  • Winners will be determined by the winning evening pick 3 numbers of the Pennsylvania Lottery (We are based in Pennsylvania). “Drawing” will begin 5 days after all table of contents have been published. In this way any participant can know this is truly a random drawing. While we will determine the table of contents we can not possibly predict the winning lottery numbers, if we could we wouldn’t be publishing this magazine.
  • No purchase is necessary. Your odds do increase as you submit more material for these editions. Your odds do increase if your work is strong and we elect to feature more of it on more than 2 pages.

So what are you waiting for? Get your shoots planned for Halloween and Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years (The “Holidays”) and get them submitted sooner than later! Our upcoming deadlines are as follows: