3D Viewers

This is so exciting. We recently received the first sample viewers for us to check out the quality and WOW. We are impressed. These 100% American made viewers are fantastic. Everyone we’ve shown them to immediately gets this huge childish smile on their faces when they peer into them.

What we did not know when we ordered the mockups was that the manufacturer takes our two dimensional images and edits them in a way that they appear to have more depth in the viewer. It’s simulated but you certainly notice it. And it is marvelous.

We have ordered a two lens stereoscopic camera for our headquarters studio with a hope it can permit us to produce fully stereo images. These should be over the top if we can dial it in with a quality we want. We should know within the next month or so if this will pan out. Regardless we are thrilled to offer these to you.

We have also bid on some auctions to obtain some vintage viewfinders to test that the newly produced reels function in them properly. If we can confirm this it will be a situation where those of you who already have one, or can source one from a local thrift or antique shop more cost effectively you can then simply get our reels. And the reels themselves can be shipped for less money than a viewer and reel together.

As we do not know how well these will be supported we can’t risk ordering large quantity in order to bring the cost down. As such these won’t be as affordable as we’d like. But then again they are incredibly unique, American made and when you consider how small scale it is, amazing it can be offered at all. If initial support is good enough we will indeed invest in larger quantities to hopefully bring down the pricing.